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While attempting to ride my bicycle from Deadhorse, Alaska (the Northern most point reached by road in the Western Hemisphere) to Ushuaia, Argentina (the Southern most point reached by road in the Western Hemisphere), I encountered my first obstacle that I couldn't get around in Central America - COVID-19.


Although I was forced to return from my journey, and while the world is on lockdown, this site will remain active to share my experiences from a time when human centered travel was more possible.

ABOUT the trip

In the summer of 2015, I did a cross country bike trip from Jacksonville, Florida, to Monterey, California with a team of some of the most incredible people I know, organized by a non-profit called Bike and Build that runs bike trips to raise money and awareness for affordable housing. As soon as I got home, I was stricken with a terrible case of the Bike and Build blues (nobody wants to leave the Bike and Build lifestyle, and when they do, sadness ensues). I immediately started thinking about what my next adventure would be - on this adventure I challenged myself, met incredible people, saw beautiful places, had life changing experiences, and when it was all over, all I wanted was to do it all over again.


A few months after we hit the Pacific, I was perusing the internet on a tangent from some random research (Wikipedia has a crazy way of making you forget why you even got on the website in the first place) when I stumbled upon the Pan-American Highway. This highway traverses the Western Hemisphere from Deadhorse, Alaska - the northernmost point reached by road in the Western Hemisphere - to Ushuaia, Argentina - the southernmost point reached by road in the Western Hemisphere. My first reaction was “wow I want to bike that!” After some initial research, I realized that this wasn’t the most ideal route on which to ride a bicycle - between massive 18 wheel trucks barreling down the highway, the not-so-scenic route that a massive highway has to take, and the general lack of interesting places to go to along the route made me rethink the idea.


However, I just couldn’t get the idea of Deadhorse to Ushuaia out of my mind. Further research led me to a few blogs and books of people who had done similar trips before, and I was hooked. I was in University, but I packed all of my non-school time with jobs so that I could save up enough money to do this adventure of a lifetime after graduation. Enough people have asked how they can track me and little enough information exists online for this route that building a website seemed like a no-brainer. Thanks so much for visiting the site, and I hope you enjoy following this journey!



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